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Sunday, June 15, 2014


My birthday is the end of July and I will be 65 years old. A couple of months ago, when my family was all together, I teasingly said... "So is there a surprise party in the works?"  Well guess what?  there is!  

My children and grandchildren are taking me to Jenny Lake in the Teton National Forest where we will be going on a "float trip" down the Snake River. Navigating the rapids scares me but floating down the river watching for animals is something I've been talking about for years.  

I've never actually been camping so I will be busy this week figuring out what to take. At some point I think the "hair thing" is not going to be pretty, I need to find a hat. 

My kids are bringing tents and air mattresses and all the gear. But... if I fail at the "roughing it" part I might just rent one of these...

I am so excited... I hope I see a moose!  We leave next weekend... wish me luck!