D is for Divorce...

It's also for Desperate, Dumb and Devastated. It left me Drowning in Debt and legal Documents and emblazoned with the "F" word on my chest...


I was blindsided and I hate being blindsided. When the big D came racing down the track and knocked me on my "can" my first instinct was to fight back. I was NOT going to be divorced. We would work it out. We would try harder. I didn't care what my husband had done I would not let my family explode. I would do what I had done for 33 years.. I would stand everyone up, dust them all off and we would keep going.

That was seven years ago. Have I recovered? Most of the time. Will I ever get over it? Not completely. Although it has been a defining moment in my life I refuse to let divorce define me. This blog is about sharing what I have learned and what I am still learning. It's about healing, living with faith instead of fear and running forward with anticipation and HOPE.

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