Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Heber Valley Girls Camp is amazing!

When Gordon B Hinckley was the prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from 1995 - 2008 (the Mormons) he had a vision for the young women of the church. He wanted a place for them to go where they could be out in nature and feel the spirit. Heber Valley Camp is the realization of his desire for these young girls.

OUR YURT... it sleeps 16
His vision was a camp that would have all the amenities, showers, plumbing, electricity, cabins, beds and activities, so the girls would be comfortable. He wanted them to be able to have a spiritual experience without worrying about learning to cook over a fire, building latrines and staying clean.

His "people" scouted out the mountain above Heber Valley and concluded that a nice camp could be built there. President Hinckley, however, had a larger vision. He said, "Buy the whole mountain." It is a huge area, about 8,000 acres, which is roughly 10 square miles. The church and various donors built a state of the art highway for almost 8 million dollars which leads to cabins, yurts, pavilions, cooking facilities, volleyball, obstacle courses, the lake with canoes and more.

The Young Women use the facilities on Monday through Thursday all summer long and families rent the cabins and yurts on the weekends. It is truly a beautiful place, an homage to how President Hinckley felt about the women in the church.

When we arrived it was delightfully cool and by bedtime there was a torrential downpour. What fun to sleep in a "yurt" and listen to the rain.  The smell was heavenly.

Canoeing on the lake...

Our Little Campers...

Have a beautiful Sunday