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Monday, April 21, 2014


FOOD is a very controversial subject. We can't live without it but pretty much it is killing us. Getting older has its perks but physically, I would say its all down hill.  I heard about this diet that made a lot of sense to me. It's not about weight loss, its about helping your body to feel better.

Step 1 - Eliminate ALL these food items for three weeks.  I know, you just might starve to death but try it anyway.

SUGAR - this is a "no-brainer"... its lethal!
WHEAT - this is the "biggie"
DAIRY - that yogurt you're eating might not really be helping
CORN - read your labels, corn syrup is in everything

roasted tomatoes
Step 2 - After the three weeks, add one thing back at a time. If you don't experience any adverse symptoms you get to keep it in your diet.   That's pretty simple. Basically you are looking for food allergies and sensitivities.                                                                 
  cauliflower soup
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This begs the question... what can you eat? Lots of fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, rice and rice products (there are some really good rice crackers out there) quinoa or lentils. Check out your local health food store, they can help you find items without wheat or gluten.  
My daughter in law makes a berry smoothie with a handful of kale and spinach.  It is yummy!  I have also found some really good recipes by doing a search on pinterest.

There are many kinds of flours for baking but to make this work I would just keep it "simple" for the first three weeks. If you do turn out to be gluten intolerant there is a fabulous cookbook called AGAINST ALL GRAIN!  
This is the "bible" for anyone who struggles with wheat.

Here's to an interesting week of eating and not eating... good luck! (I'm going to need it.)