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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 The art of Inge Look

Inge Look (Ingeborg Lievonen) was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1951. As child she and her family lived in a seven story apartment building in the city. It was literally teeming with tenants... so many people, personalities and smells. The two that quickly captivated Inge's attention were Alli and Fifi, two older women who's exuberance for life was contagious.

She refers to them as the "Aunties" and they became the inspiration for her very popular cards. The motto for these two fabulous old ladies is... 

"Time is not money and spending it isn’t a sin."


As an adult, Inge became a professional gardener but later in life she embarked on a second career reaching into her childhood for inspiration for her paintings. Her pictures are a reflection of her optimistic outlook on life.

She has painted over 300 postcards, designed stamps and illustrated children's books. Her work will soon be available for purchase on this site ...


Today Inge lives and works in Finland where she is garnering a worldwide audience. 

I ran into one of Inge's picture on pinterest and posted it in the top right corner of my blog. Then I went snooping to see if I could find the artist. I had to travel "down a rabbit hole" but there she was.  What a delightful collection!