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Friday, April 25, 2014

Darcy Creech owner

I've been snooping around for years, trying to find a summer hat that I will look good in. I discovered this darling shop on Nantucket. They are custom so I'm hoping they have one big enough for my head.  Now which one shall I buy?

Peter Beaton got its start in 1989 when Darcy Creech wore a brimmed hat decorated with flowers to a party. Not only did she receive multiple compliments but people wanted one just like it. Completely inexperienced, her aunt told her about trade shows. There, the tradesmen connected her with the straw importers and they helped her locate her first hat blocker. Soon she was making hats for re-sale in department stores. She sent one to Hillary Clinton as a gift and to her surprise she was asked to make her a hat for the inauguration.

Six years later, while she and her seven year old son were visiting Nantucket, he suggested they move to the island. She packed up her life in Connecticut and did just that, opening her store and naming the business after him.

"Peter Beaton"

This is the handsome fellow for whom the store is named

Within four years Darcy had taken her passion and created a successful business, opening her doors in the Spring of 1996.

Because they design and make their own hats they promise...
Darcy Creech

"When you come to the store you are getting a personalized
experience, as each hat is custom fitted and custom trimmed, and comes in its own signature hat box to carry it in."


I love the label on their rain boots...

"Leave a trail worth following"