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Monday, April 28, 2014


I LOVE dishes. Its not a hobby its a passion. I rotate the table settings in my dining room monthly and when I pass by I smile. It just makes me happy to see a pretty table.      
This amazing hutch is from Nancy's Daily Dish. (see her address above the photo) I gasped when I first saw this picture. It is so similar to my mothers hutch and pink dishes that for a minute I thought it was. 

Here is a sample of two of my favorite patterns. I acquired them 24 years ago in a darling little out of the way shop. I didn't have enough money to purchase them but the proprietor offered to put them on lay-a-way. I couldn't resist. 
With each payment my anticipation grew. As a surprise, my father and my oldest son, then 14, brought them home for my birthday. I was thrilled. I have used them many times and I find it satisfying and almost therapeutic to fill the sink with hot sudsy water and wash them by hand.  

I blame my mother for this "gene" and I in turn passed it to my youngest daughter.  Food just tastes better on PRETTY DISHES!
This is a wonderful "tablescape" from Stone Gable. She has an amazing blog... check it out