Sunday, October 5, 2014

a remarkable woman, mother and musician

Shortly before I graduated from college, Brigham Young University welcomed a new president. His name was Dallin Oaks. He was only 39 at the time but from my 21 year old perspective that was ancient. 

Four years later, when his youngest child was thirteen it was announced that his wife June was expecting a baby. Although a little surprised, the whole community was thrilled when a beautiful baby girl was born. 

I remember hearing that their their daughter was taking violin lessons at the tender age of four. Deep into my own family I lost track of any other news.  

Years later a violinist with Grammy nominations and Julliard Music school behind her, performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I knew instantly who it was... Jenny Oaks Baker... our former presidents surprise and gift in mid-life.  She is beautiful and plays the violin with her whole soul.

Listen to Jenny play ...

This is a nice story but the remarkable part is Jenny's family. Supported by her husband she has managed to instill in her children not only the love of music but the discipline it takes to become musicians. Listen to their performance of "Its a Small World"  They are precious!

How has she managed it all. Listen as Jenny talks of her love of music, her family and the gift she believes came from God.