Thursday, March 20, 2014


I use to watch the Oprah show religiously. I didn't always agree with everything she thought and said but she certainly paraded some interesting people across her stage.  I was sad when it ended. One show, in particular has stayed with me. Maybe its just a piece of the show... I really can't remember all the details. What I do remember is that she asked this question...

"What three words would you use to 
describe yourself?" 

Her premise was that if you picked your words carefully and accurately it would be a window into who you really are. So three words... I didn't think that would be too hard. The first one wasn't, the second I had to dig a little deeper and the third didn't come for years.

Here are my three words....

First word ... BEAUTY  

In the innermost part of my soul I am visually and thus emotionally motivated by beauty.  I love it in all of its forms, color, nature, fashion, interior design, fabric, art, wood, music, architecture, literature and poignant moments.

"I have always said that the day was wasted if I didn't 
laugh and cry." 

The crying wasn't because I was sad, it was because I was moved by something beautiful. It feeds my soul and motivates my decisions. I remember living in a little old rental house when I was first married. When Spring came I planted petunias in the front flower beds and the owner was shocked... "Why would you do that at your own expense" All I could think to say was because it makes it beautiful. Oprah's formula is right... this first word is WHO I AM. I want to live surrounded by beauty.

Second word ... GENUINE

I want the real deal, no imitations. When we built our house I wanted two things... a wrap around porch and river rock on the front.  I got them both.  I LOVE my rocks because they are real. I scrub them every spring and when I go in and out of the front door I like to brush them with my fingers.
                                                                                                                        MY HOME
I like genuine things but mostly I like genuine people. I am not a person who has "secrets" Ask me anything.

I like the phrase "What you see is what you get" and even if it isn't good news I like people to be straight up! "Two faced" is just so disingenuous!

Transparency sometimes comes with a price. Five years ago a women walked into my workplace and verbally tore me to shreds.  As hard as it was to hear, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not all, but some of what she said was true. I didn't like it so......... I fixed it. I CHANGED!  Haven't seen her since that fateful conversation but if I ever do... I will thank her. Some of my rough edges are gone.

Third word... HISTORY

I didn't realize that history was an important part of who I am until I went back to work as the school librarian. It was a journey that took me full circle.

I was a very, very, young 17 year old when I graduated from high school and headed to college. I had never really made many decisions... I just did what I was told to do. So when I arrived at Brigham Young University I was thrilled to be on my own. Turns out I wasn't all that good at making decision. First mistake... I played and never went to class.

I remember thinking maybe I should at least make an appearance in my history class. I walked in and surprise, it was the mid-term exam. I FAILED. In fact on my transcript it says... American History "F"  All of that abruptly changed when my mother received a notice that I was on academic probation. I began to study but the "history thing" always haunted me.

Fast forward about 40 years to the library where part of my job is to tell "stories"  I quickly recognized that fantasy and fairy tales were not my favorite genres. What I ran into were stories from history. Real life stories so incredible that if Hollywood had made them up people would say... "That could never happen" But they did happen... they are real.

I have always been a storyteller, now all of that got wrapped around HISTORY. I began to collect real stories and I am passionate about it... just can't seem to stop telling them.

One of the first stories I shared with my students was the history behind the Iditarod Race that happens every March in Alaska. The story of "THE GREAT SERUM RUN OF 1925"  is incredible and I will share it with you on Monday.

So... until then...

I hope you will leave a comment and reveal at least one of the 3 words that describes you...  this could be fascinating.