Tuesday, March 18, 2014


A few years ago a friend of mine claimed that she did not care how she looked. I didn't question her but I also didn't believe her.  This was a woman who regularly had her false eyelashes done and was big on pedicures and manicures. The strange part was that she didn't seem to care what she wore and in her high profile job it was sometimes a problem.

So...  when she said... "HELP" I tried.  I had the best of intentions but I got it all wrong. I remember telling her to buy V-neck sweaters and collared shirts. If I bought a pair of shoes she bought the same pair in her size.  This went on for a while until we looked like fraternal twins...NOT A GOOD THING.

My style on the left... hers on the right.
Looking back I realized we really had very different styles and she needed to be HER not ME.

Everything about this woman screamed softness and femininity.  With her beautiful blond hair she was striking in any pastel, especially pink. She needed ruffles and shawls, swishy skirts and tons and tons of jewelry.

She finally figured this all out on her own... no thanks to me!

So when another friend approached me recently and said, "HELP"  I took a step back. I didn't want to go down that road again. I finally said,

"I can help you with the basics, and I can even give you my opinions but FIRST you need to figure out what your style is."


Classic clothes, that stand the test of time, make up the foundation pieces for this style. With clean lines and a neutral color palette this wardrobe is iconic. Some pieces can last a lifetime. If this is your style it is easy to slip in something unusual once in a while and still maintain your polished look ... its a "class act."

I love casual clothes that still have a sense of style... khakis, a go to leather jacket, even well cut "work-out gear"  Comfort is a very important element but there is no need to sacrifice your persona. Even running errands this woman can still look "put together."

Elegant takes your breath away. With a flair for the dramatic it always makes an entrance. Think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have done this on occasion but really it feels exhausting to me. Everyday is a performance. 

With "Fancy Nancy" there's no such thing as too many accessories, ruffles, embellishments or lace. It's the height of femininity. My mother dressed me like this when I was young and although I love to see it on somebody else... I just CAN NOT wear it. I am a minimalist at heart!

Street Style is a very personal way of expressing who you are through fashion. Its edgy, it has attitude and it's an urban trendsetter. From demolished jeans to mixing the un-mixable, it is definitely not off the "rack"

I'm sure there are other categories and probably there's a little of each of these in all of us. 

I've been building a wardrobe for a long time... a mix between CLASSIC and SPORTY. I am beyond bored with all of it... change is definitely in the wind.  I am going to think outside the box and see what I am missing. Should be fun... 

DISCLAIMER - Pretty sure I won't be wearing ragged jeans or a leather bustier!