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Monday, August 25, 2014


But I've ALWAYS been concerned with what the hook looks like!

My son and his family just moved from their beautiful home on the hill overlooking the valley. It was not an ostentatious house but it was spacious and meticulously well kept. 

It had a huge family room and wonderful entryway, vaulted ceilings, an immaculate yard complete with a tree house my son built, five bedrooms and a kitchen with all the amenities. Did I mention the three car garage which was perfect because these people have "toys" 

For the last eight years my son has been commuting to his job in Salt Lake City, driving 90 minutes each way down a very steep canyon which can be treacherous in the winter. As a captain in the fire department he works crazy hours. He also teaches at the fire academy, works for FEMA and is the President of the firefighters union. He is one busy guy. His family wanted him closer. No... his family needed him closer.

When I arrived at their new home I was a little stunned. It is an older home, still with lots of room but not nearly as nice. In fact they quickly admit they will be changing lots of things... flooring and closets will just be the beginning. My son is very skilled with his hands and I'm sure in time this house will be as wonderful as the last.

It was quickly apparent how happy they all are with Dad never more than 20 minutes away and I began to understand what my daughter-in-law had been insisting for over a year. 

If "He" is going to be passionate about his job, then we are nixing the commute...we are moving closer!

She's a good woman who was willing to give up "things" to put her family first. She went with a smile on her face and hope for the future.
I know I am lucky to have her as my daughter in law but the really blessed one is my son... he is married to a very unselfish and wise woman.
A remarkable woman of a certain age!

Home isn't where you hang your hat... its where you gather your family!