Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a blog I love!

There are plenty of blogs out there where women, young and older, dress up in beautiful clothes and have their pictures taken. But there is one that I return to again and again. Last week it finally dawned on me why I am completely captivated by this blog.  

Meet Sarah Vickers, a young woman who loves preppy fashion, her fiancée Kiel and her home state of Rhode Island with its easy access to some great New England destinations.

I love this Lilly Pulitzer dress!

Sarah's blog "Classy Girls Wear Pearls" sports 26,000 likes on Facebook, 115,000 followers on Instagram and over 3,500 direct followers to her blog.

So what's the attraction? Its really not that complicated but it IS BRILLIANT!

#1 Location, location, location

Every post finds Sarah and company in an amazing location. From the Kentucky Derby to a New England ocean side vista, to Ashford Castle in Ireland, she Kiel and a handful of friends take us on a visual tour of some of the most beautiful, and historic destinations on the East coast and beyond. You might say its a "travel blog" fronted by fashion.

 They look like they are in an Agatha Christa novel

#2 Sarah is a beautiful girl ...

with a great shape and classic good taste in clothes. She wears everything from Lilly Pulitzer's dresses to iconic Christmas sweaters. Some I'm sure she has purchased but many are sent to her by advertisers. Either way, its fun to watch a normal girl, not a model, with her own sense of taste and fashion. She mixes vintage with contemporary, looking chic but never vulgar or immodest.  She "rocks it" 

#3 And then there's the romance!

When her blog started Sarah and Kiel were boyfriend and girlfriend... now he is her fiancée and she sports a beautiful ring.

Everyone loves a good love story. Theirs is in pictures with almost no commentary. That leaves us, the readers, to fill in the details. Oh the imagination can take us to such fun places.

I'm waiting for the "big day"  I'd love to see her in a wedding dress walking down the aisle with a little piece of New England history in the background.

So... there you have it, a blog about fashion, love and travel. Its like watching a romantic movie without the sound and very, very few subtitles. I have no idea what is really happening behind the scenes but it is fun to vicariously re-live my 20s watching and loving Sarah's blog! 

Excuse me... I need to go and adjust my pearls!