Sunday, May 11, 2014


My mother gave birth to six sons and three daughters. My two sisters only survived a few hours, so when I arrived healthy and robust my parents were thrilled. 

Money was always a little scarce but my mother was an incredible seamstress, so when I needed a dress to wear for my "baby blessing"  she bought a simple piece of cotton batiste, cut her own pattern, made tiny tucks, inset strips of lace and embroidered down the front. It was her own little work of art.

Never one to throw things away, my mother tucked the dress in a drawer. When my first daughter was born  and I needed a dress for her "baby blessing" my mother retrieved it. I gently washed and pressed it. It fit perfectly.  What a lovely day that was.

This pattern followed for my next two daughters and when my children married and began families of their own it was worn by my eight granddaughters. This "little dress" has taken on a life of its own, being worn by 12 baby girls.

I fell "over the moon" in love when each of my children were born and although I was not a perfect mother I value every moment and every effort that we shared together.