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Sunday, July 27, 2014

surviving the unthinkable

Its been two and a half years since Madonna Badger's life was forever altered by the unthinkable loss of her entire family. Now it seems she has found a little joy. Married last Tuesday, in her own words she declares... 

“We did it! Bill and I eloped today!” 

In the early morning hours of December 25, 2011 Madonna's house caught on fire and her three daughters Lilly (9) and twins, Sara and Grace (7) died. Both her parents perished in that same fire.

Engulfed by unbearable grief and labeled "crazy" by most of her mental health care workers, Madonna has not only managed to survive, but has now shared her story of love and loss, grief and resilience and her ultimate decision to keep living.

Without family, her friends rallied both physically and emotionally. As she slowly inched her way back to sanity there were moments that yielded profound insights. Here are a few points that she touches on...

Finding humor

Work gives purpose

 "She is still their mother, she is still their daughter"

A lot of hard work!

Filling your heart with love not bitterness

The tsunami cry

A spiritual connection

When darkness comes.

Not crazy... just sad

Allow healing 

Filling the hole inside 

 Even though we all have different experiences the journey toward healing is often parallel. Listen as Madonna explains how she ultimately filled the hole inside of her and reclaimed the "pieces" from her shattered life.

Madonna Badger... a remarkable woman of a certain age

Here is her story on TED TALKS.