Thursday, February 6, 2014


cookies designs from Sweet Living magazine

I adore these Valentine bookmarks.  One year we made over 500... one for each student in the library. Surprisingly the paint departments in Sherwin Williams and Home Depot said, "Sure... take all you want." 

You can get an inexpensive heart punch at any Hobby Lobby.


The BEST "read aloud" for Valentine's Day!

The first year I was in the library I found this book... THE GIANT HUG, by Sandra Horning. Although it never mentions Valentines it is a perfect fit and has an adorable ending!

Your grandkids will love the story of Owen, who sends his Grandma a hug throught the mail.

A picture won't do... he sends the "real deal"  A giant hug is passed from clerk to sorter to pilot to carrier as it travels across the country. In the end, Granny is so pleased she sends Owen SOMETHING in return... 

The ending of the book always throws the students in the library into fits of laughter!!!

                         Rose Chocolate Cake William Sonoma $39.95                                            

How did we get from THERE to HERE? Wasn't it just yesterday that we couldn't wait to grow finally be 16... 21   When did the promising road ahead, so unfettered with any signs of DANGER, suddenly start throwing up road blocks?

Dealing with health issues and just now being  released from eight weeks of bed rest is a harsh reminder that I am getting older. I don't ever remember daydreaming about being 65.

Life's journey can deal us some pretty hefty blows. It can twist us into bitter old women or it can transform us into incredible creatures, full of wisdom, and humor and forgiveness.


There are a few rules that "WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE" should keep...




 Rule #3...

Don't look back, you're not going that way!

Ali McGraw talks to Oprah about aging...

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014



The rules are simple...
Follow my blog and your name will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE pair of TOMS.  Get a friend to follow and you can enter your name again. 10 friends... ten chances! 20 friends... twenty chances! The winner will be announced on...
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(This drawing is for a basic classic womens TOMS)  

photos from pinterest

A friend convinced me to try my first pair of TOMS.  They were grey stripe and when I put them on I thought my feet looked big. I almost left the store empty handed. At the last minute I opted for a basic black pair. Within a couple of days I was a... BELIEVER! 

These ARE the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. If the comfort factor isn't enough, the endless array of colors and fabrics makes owning just one pair of TOMS next to impossible. What started as a single purchase has ballooned into a collection. 

One wintry day I went to school (I'm the librarian) in a simple pair of black cords, a grey sweater and a white turtleneck. I'm big on comfort. I threw a red scarf around my neck, mostly for warmth and put on my grey snowflake TOMS. I literally had students and teachers chasing me down the hall... "Your shoes... where did you get those?" They are some of my best accessories.

NOTE - If you see a pair of TOMS you like you had better snatch them. Once that particular fabric is gone they move on to something new. I watched their website daily until this little "shabby chic" pair finally showed up. It was sold out in a couple of days.

TOMS is offering FREE shipping now through April 1st and if you google TOMS coupon, you will get $5.00 off.


Everyone knows about TOMS "one for one" program.  For every pair of shoes you buy the company will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Their philanthropy is growing. They are setting up factories in foreign countries... now they have shoes and jobs.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Monochromatic- One color in a variety of tints, tones and shades

photos from pinterest

When a professional designer builds a website he will often use a monochromatic theme. Its easy on the eye and almost has a sense of elegance. This kind of background allows the important elements in the content to stand out.

Let's translate that into fashion... Drape yourself in a monochromatic color and your appearance becomes calm and pleasant to look at.

The effect can be dramatic or demure, depending on your color and style choices. Want to make an impression on the new boss... try the outfit on the left.

Throw in lace, embroidery, fur, patent leather, knit, leather or even metal and suddenly you are chic, sassy and anything but boring.

Just like the web page, your monochromatic outfit is your background and you become the important element...

Need a starting place? Here are some pieces that are easily accessible online

HERE'S A TIP - Go to any paint store and pick out a paint chip. They are usually in strips. You instantly have a monochromatic palette.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


There's not much I can say about women and weight that hasn't already been said.  But for me, life had taken it's toll.  Six pregnancies, starving, binging, walking, running, weight up, weight down, stress, and then more stress.

About a year and a half before my life exploded I decided I was going to take my body back.  I had been thinking about it for a while but I always put it off with one more interesting thing to eat.  When the "light" finally went on I realized an important fact...


In other words, if I wanted it I could have it.  I just had to make better choices.  I followed a few very simple rules.

1. I only ate when I was hungry
2. I only ate until I was just satisfied
3. I gave up white flour and white sugar.
4. I cheated on Sundays, I allowed myself two bites of something forbidden! (I remember holding a bite of pecan pie in my mouth, I didn't want to swallow it... It tasted so good!)
5. I thought like a "thin" person. I ate to LIVE.

It worked.  I lost 70 pounds over the next year. Losing weight was like getting out of jail.  I could move, I could sleep, I looked good in clothes and my self confidence skyrocketed.  I was no longer embarrassed to go places. In fact I could hardly wait to go somewhere.

Eighteen months later I was suddenly single and on my own. I had to present myself and get back into the workplace. Whether it's right or wrong, we judge each other by our appearance. The divorce shook me to my very core and I more than needed to feel good about myself again. It helped to be able to look in the mirror and say. "I'm still here and I'm lookin' good.  I can go out there, I can find a job and I can take care of myself."

I have kept the weight off for almost nine years. But as I have aged and faced some health issues I have made some pretty drastic changes in what I eat.

I went GLUETIN FREE for a while but I am not a celiac and I eventually went back to some bread. Then I made a huge change... I began to eat a PLANT BASED DIET. I think that's code for VEGAN.

It was incredibly HARD.  I thought I would starve to death before I discovered almond butter. I grind it myself and slather it on FUJI apples I get from a local farmer... YUM!  Who knew there was such a thing as quinoa and hummus and so many varieties of rice. With bags full of fruit and veggies from the local farmer's market I began to eat straight from the earth.

Do I feel better ? OH YES!!!! So many annoying little symptoms have disappeared.

I am not a purist and I do try to listen to my body. If I am really craving protein I will eat a piece of fish. Good fish is hard to find! There are several companies in Alaska that will catch it and have it on your door the next day. It is very expensive but you can save with a group order and you get FREE shipping.

 (google fresh Alaskan fish)

My dear friend talked me into all this. She made me watch this DVD. Its very compelling and it just might change how you eat too.

FREE on Netflix.



During the years I use to watch WHAT NOT TO WEAR, I noticed that even the women who fought with Stacey and Clinton over their wardrobe choices and a few who refused to cut their hair, always softened when their make-up was applied.  Our faces are so important, especially our eyes. Applying make-up correctly is the final and very important step in LOOKING GOOD!

I just discovered a London based company... LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER. They know all the right moves when applying make-up on older women and have developed a make-up line specifically for this age group. Scroll down to see their You Tube video. Its spot on and worth watching all 14 minutes of it.

This is a before and after picture of one of the women on Tricia's Cusden website


This is Tricia Cusden, founder of LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER
For more information about their products go to 

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Zebra is everywhere this year. Frankly, I've never even given it a nod, it seemed a little juvenile. But, with the new Spring releases I'm taking a second look. If you can pull off a full zebra jacket or sweater I say, "go for it"  Even as an accessory, its got the "wow factor."  Either way you won't be lost in a crowd!

My favorite thing about zebra is that it looks fabulous with hot pink. I just purchased these fun zebra TOMS and can't wait to wear them with a pink jacket, white cami and my favorite black linen ankle pants. At $28.00 the necklace from Norstrom gives it that tribal edge.


                      TOMS $54.00                                              NECKLACE NORDSTROM $28.00

Be sure to google "TOMS coupons" and take advantage of $5.00 off and FREE shipping.