Thursday, February 6, 2014


cookies designs from Sweet Living magazine

I adore these Valentine bookmarks.  One year we made over 500... one for each student in the library. Surprisingly the paint departments in Sherwin Williams and Home Depot said, "Sure... take all you want." 

You can get an inexpensive heart punch at any Hobby Lobby.


The BEST "read aloud" for Valentine's Day!

The first year I was in the library I found this book... THE GIANT HUG, by Sandra Horning. Although it never mentions Valentines it is a perfect fit and has an adorable ending!

Your grandkids will love the story of Owen, who sends his Grandma a hug throught the mail.

A picture won't do... he sends the "real deal"  A giant hug is passed from clerk to sorter to pilot to carrier as it travels across the country. In the end, Granny is so pleased she sends Owen SOMETHING in return... 

The ending of the book always throws the students in the library into fits of laughter!!!

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