Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Monochromatic- One color in a variety of tints, tones and shades

photos from pinterest

When a professional designer builds a website he will often use a monochromatic theme. Its easy on the eye and almost has a sense of elegance. This kind of background allows the important elements in the content to stand out.

Let's translate that into fashion... Drape yourself in a monochromatic color and your appearance becomes calm and pleasant to look at.

The effect can be dramatic or demure, depending on your color and style choices. Want to make an impression on the new boss... try the outfit on the left.

Throw in lace, embroidery, fur, patent leather, knit, leather or even metal and suddenly you are chic, sassy and anything but boring.

Just like the web page, your monochromatic outfit is your background and you become the important element...

Need a starting place? Here are some pieces that are easily accessible online

HERE'S A TIP - Go to any paint store and pick out a paint chip. They are usually in strips. You instantly have a monochromatic palette.