Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Losing weight was my top priority in 2004.  By the end of the year I had lost 70 pounds. I could sleep again, I could move again and I could walk into any store and find clothes that fit.  I was thrilled.

Even though I was halfway through my fifties I thought when the weight came off I would look like the "old me" But time and menopause had dealt me a few surprises, my body just wasn't what it use to be. I could definitely see my flaws and I clung to the few assets I had left. 

Knowing your body type and image can help you dress to accentuate the positive and detract from the rest. During that same year I watched the TV show "What Not to Wear" religiously.  Besides its Cinderella format they taught some really good basic rules for successfully dressing. Ask yourself a few questions.

1. Where do you carry your weight.... in your hips, around your waist. through your torso?

2. Are you short wasted and long legged or the other way around... maybe you're evenly proportioned.

3. What are your best assets... great legs, tiny waist, beautiful neck and shoulders?

4. Are you short, tall or average?

5. Are you sporty, trendy, traditional, dramatic? Do you love color, fur, menswear, hats, accessories? Are you excessive or minimalistic? Is comfort an issue? Do you have to dress for work?

Start noticing people who's style you like and see if you can pick out things they consistantly do. If you are going to transform yourself, you need to know what you want to morph into! Look around, there's lots of flowers in the garden.


I love Barbara Bush's beautiful white hair, her
silk scarf and her iconic pearls. A "class act" at any age.
                                                                                    This is a photo from Ari Seth Cohen's book Advanced Style

My mother was excessive when it came to accessories. She often wore several strands of pearls, earrings, a cameo, gemstone rings and if it was an occasion like Mother's Day... a corsage. She loved it all and somehow she pulled it off. On the other hand I am a minimalist.  A pair of simple earrings seems like enough. At our age there's no one left to boss us around... just figure out who YOU are!

I love this look... black and white with a pop of color. Her handbag and straw hat give it a casual feel (maybe it's early Spring) and a few nice accessories make it all work!  I imagine she's wearing a pair of leopard heels... something to give it the "wow factor."