Monday, January 27, 2014


My eighth granddaughter is about to be born and even her name, "Elsa" evokes softness. I plan to swaddle her in a delicious pink knit blanket. Many of us started that way... wrapped in the softness and aura of pink.  It is the quintessential essence of femininity. Synonymous with Spring it's both dainty and delicious, but make no mistake, it can also pack a punch.

When I began to put my life back together and fill my very empty closet, I was surprised that I just never felt comfortable wearing pink.  I thought it was lovely and sometimes even breathtaking, just not for me.

I had lost my "PINK"  

Through all the years of a difficult marriage and stresses with family and finances I had let it slip away. I didn't feel young, or feminine or even pretty... I wasn't worthy of pink!  

A bed is a big deal in a marriage. The most intimate of places, it holds our dreams and sometimes even our secrets. Sleeping alone in a bed I had shared for years was painful so I made myself a guest in the next room. Then one day I was walking through the Bassett Furniture store and saw this. I was smitten. It was purchased and my daughters and daughters- in-laws put this very heavy bed together... on their own. (there's pink with a punch)

This is the picture from the showroom at Bassett Furniture

I draped the bed in linens and comforters in varying shades of pink and cream and white. Now when I slip beneath the covers I feel pampered and even pretty. It has become my sanctuary. The place where I read and study and cry and pray and hope and finally allow myself, my feminine self, to dream. I have found my pink. It's an attitude that allows me to value myself and to feel beautiful again,