Thursday, January 23, 2014


This photo appeared on the Today Show website this morning. It didn't have a caption, nor did it need one. We all know the movie. I suspect that in the "moment" these two were somewhere, where time and age can't define us.

I have been single now for almost seven years and I honestly don't know if that will change. I did however, make a promise to myself... With or without Mr. Wonderful I am not going to miss out on the "romance of life."

Two years ago I took my very first hike to a place called Stewart Falls. My two youngest children talked me into it, promising that it was only three miles and a very shallow incline. The trail was bordered by a densely wooded forest and that part I loved. But thirty minutes worth of hiking brought me to realization that I might be in over my head. "No quitters" they called. I put one foot in front of the other and just kept going.

When the worst seemed possible, that the trail had NO end, I suddenly found myself on top of a peak on the back side of majestic Mt Timpanogos.

 I felt so alive. I wanted to stretch my arms out just like the woman in the photo and take in the view, and the smell and the power of the waterfall. I was experiencing something new, and it was heady and romantic.

I nursed sore muscles for days but it didn't matter. I had just experienced my own little version of "Rocky Mountain High"  All I could think was .... what's next!