Friday, May 9, 2014


There's no getting around it. We are all headed in the same direction!

I found this sweet picture in the newspaper. Its fascinating to see that adorable cherubic face transformed into an older woman. Although her youth has faded her essence is still there. Her eyes still twinkle and her mouth still turns up at the corners. What a "cutie" then and now.

OK... I will admit it, most days I read the obituaries. I know, it sounds a bit macabre. Once in a great while I will actually see someone I know but the real reason I read them is for the stories. You get a little glimpse into people's lives. Those born in the 20s 30s and even 40s have a much different history than the younger generation. They grew up on farms, they fought in wars, they valued education and hard work and most of them had rather large families. But its the pictures that really bring the details to life and the best pictures are the "before and after" 

So in honor of mother's Day here are the "before and after" pictures of two very sweet women... my two grandmothers.

Meet my maternal grandmother Mary. When she and my grandfather fell madly in love a jealous friend tried to keep them apart. Heart broken Grandma took to her bed until my grandfather figured out the lies. He traveled for two days to declare his love and all was forgiven. They had 13 children and spent most of their married life in Mexico City where my grandfather was a religious leader for the Mormon Church. Grandma was a widow by 50 but carried on, staying until she was 90.  I remember she had the softest skin. 

This is my paternal grandmother Clara. She raised her seven children in the Mexican Colony of Chihuahua. They were poor but grandma was a hard worker and a thrifty shopper. As a child, my father ate a lot of pinto beans and bread and no matter how hard my mother tried, she could never make them quite like Grandma. She loved hats and would watch and wait until the one she wanted was finally on sale. She was only 60 when she left us. It still makes me smile to remember the jelly beans she carried in her apron pocket... just so I could find them.

I would be lying if I said I don't fight aging. I do and I don't like it one bit. I have often said, "I would like my 65 year old brain in my 25 year old body." That's not going to happen, at least in this life. So, I have made a conscious decision to accept where I am on the "road" ... wrinkles, tummy and all. Maybe I will even throw out the scale!

I hope that when it is my turn to be featured in the "obits" someone looks at my "before and after" pictures and says "Isn't she the cutest little old lady?"