Monday, May 12, 2014


 Melissa, Rebecca and Kristin, three incredible women who make a difference!

In Uganda, a woman's status is measured by her ability to bear children, many have 4 - 6  Their biggest common dream is to have a house where their children can safely sleep and to be able to send them to school. Because of social norms, widowhood, abusive husbands and the HIV epidemic, most women in Uganda are the sole providers of their large families and survive on less than one dollar a day. 

When three friends, Melissa Sevy, Rebecca Burgon and Kristen Wade, all BYU grads, witnessed this dire situation first hand, they pooled their resources and started Musana Jewlery, a self-sustaining nonprofit social enterprise backed by Ugandan Artisans.

What started on a student budget has blossomed into an organization that provides work for around fifty women in Lugazi, Uganda.

This is their mission statement... 

Our Mission
To empower Ugandan women through a vibrant social enterprise that provides stable employment and educational opportunities, thereby building the capacity of artisans to end their cycle of poverty and become advocates for change in their communities.
Our Vision
A Ugandan society where families have the resources to provide an education for their children and lead healthy, productive lives as active participants in the development of their community.

"I think all mother's have something in common. We want to support our children, we want them to be healthy and strong... Musana helps the women of Uganda reach these goals and more."

Florence Abbo 

See and purchase their unique jewelry online...

Famous Musana "PAPER BEADS"
Made from newspaper