Wednesday, May 14, 2014


A remarkable woman pursuing a career as a fashion illustrator at the ripe old age of 50 and enjoying and savoring every minute of her "second chance"

"They say that what you enjoyed most before the age of ten is the best indicator of what your life's passion will be. From the moment I first held a crayon I was drawing flowers, pretty outfits and dreamy portraits."  Beth Briggs

Beth was raised in a creative home... her dad, an architect and her mother, an interior designer. Right from the beginning drawing was her passion. It transformed her world into a place that was filled with beautiful feminine images.

Fashion and fashion illustration became her focus. As a young girl in the 70's she religiously watched the Sonny and Cher show. Lying in front of the TV with her art supplies, she would draw Cher's glamorous outfits. 

Beth had her heart set on an art degree but her parents insisted she get a liberal arts education so she attended Wellesley College and received her BA.  By the time she graduated her life had taken a different turn and she became a mother to three wonderful children, living the life of a suburban "soccer mom."  

Now... with one daughter through college, a second pursuing her dreams and an autistic son doing well in a residential school, Beth has entered a new phase of her life... she has her "second chance"

Having taken multiple courses in fashion design, fashion illustration and children's book illustration, Beth was ready! She has developed her own style using watercolor pencils and a palette of assorted dry colors with paint brushes to build layers of fast drying washes. 

This is the "Blessing Dress" Beth painted for me from a photo I sent her. I LOVE it!

Beth sells prints, note cards, and custom illustrations including bridal portraits, in her ETSY SHOP  Prices range from $25 to $150 

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Beth is truly a remarkable women, a talented artist and an amazing example of following your dream!