Wednesday, June 11, 2014


School is out and parents are scrambling to keep their kids busy. It only takes about a week before they start saying... "I'm bored" 

My daughter, clever mother that she is, signed my granddaughter up for "FARM CAMP"

Monday she came home having milked a cow. "Ooh" she said, "next time I'm wearing gloves!"  We laughed.  At least now she knows that milk doesn't come from the grocery store. 

Tuesday she planted watermelon seeds in a container made from a 2 liter pop bottle... very ingenious! I might try this next spring, it looks like a great way to grow "starts"

Today she feed sheep, built a bug box and learned about the value of ladybugs on the farm. 

When I picked her up I found she was busy finishing her activity right in the middle of a huge barn filled with hay.  

Oh what a wonderful rural smell. 

Tomorrow she will be riding a horse...

I want to go to FARM CAMP!