Monday, June 2, 2014


running full speed through life!

At the age of 76 Harriette Thompson made her marathon debut. Now fifteen years later she just finished the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon as its oldest competitor, setting a new record in her age group of 7 hours and 7 minutes. 

She trains, running loops around the small lake in back of her retirement community in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With no arthritis in her hands, knees or feet she says she only feels her age after a race. 

"Some young girls come in limping. At least I don't feel that bad."

Harriette first began running to accompany a friend who was "walking" for leukemia and lymphoma. 

Because some of her friends had suffered from cancer she took on the challenge, generating more than $90,000

The mother of five and the grandmother of 10 she has lived a "grand life" as a classically trained pianist. 

Harriette was a soloist with several symphony orchestras around the world and played three times at Carnegie Hall. 

She sailed across the Atlantic with her children, relocating to Vienna where she infused them with culture and taught them a new language. 

Still passionate about her music, it fills the halls of the retirement home she shares with her husband Sydnor. Her 9-foot, 6-inch Bösendorfer piano that once sat on the stage of the Vienna Concert House, now sits by the window of her living room.

Harriette Line Thompson a truly remarkable woman!

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