Tuesday, June 10, 2014

a dream or a delusion?

I have a large guest bedroom on the second floor of my house, with three good sized windows and its own bathroom. Its great for company because its very quiet in there and also very private.  But... it needs remodeling. 

I love "rustic"  I loves rock and wood and texture and I want to make that room feel like the inside of cabin, with rock on one wall and reclaimed wood on the others. 

With the interior so rugged and masculine I would make the bed (a beautiful  four poster pine queen size) the complete opposite by drenching it in femininity... a lovely dust ruffle, shams, plenty of pillows and of course a quilt that makes a statement. 

Sundance Gift Shop
The trouble is, my kids think I'm crazy... so I'm asking for opinions. I went up to Sundance Resort yesterday (one of my favorite places) and just stood in their gift shop. I absolutely love the way I feel surrounded by all that rough hewn wood.

If you have an opinion... I would love to hear it.