Tuesday, June 10, 2014

just being a kid on a summer afternoon

I spent the day with three of my grandkids, Jack (10) Aubrey (7) and Andy (3)   I watched while they and their three neighborhood friends played in the water in the irrigation ditch.  Jack and his friend became engineers and built dams with rocks and broken bricks, creating whirlpools and reservoirs. Simple sticks became canoes and culverts became bridges. 

Three year old Andy spent a couple of hours throwing a plastic bottle into the water, running up the sidewalk, jumping in the ditch and watching it pop up from under the culvert. Childhood imagination is an incredible thing and I skipped all the expensive tickets to the water park.

 I forgot to add that  Aubrey and her two friends kept moving the rocks in the dam so they looked "prettier" It drove the boys crazy. I loved it