Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Color is light and energy and effects us on both an emotional and physical level. It can excite, depress, evoke feelings of warmth, or help us to sleep. Restaurants use it to increase appetite, hospitals use it to keep patients calm and casinos know it motivates people to take bigger risks. 

I love the color peach. It is a pale version of orange and emits a feeling of calm and well being. Its delicious to look at... feminine, without being saccharin.  On its own its etherial... combine it with gold or silver and it becomes elegant.  From the palest shade to a bit more coral, it is a perfect choice for the coming season. 

Here are some fun things I found online....  hope you're feeling "peachy"

PANT (basic wardrobe piece)

BROOCH  (vintage)

Couldn't resist including this old song from my teenage years....

Ooh, you came out of a dream, 
Peaches and cream, 
Lips like strawberry wine, 
You're sixteen, you're beautiful and you're mine.