Sunday, February 16, 2014

Introducing our "Women of a Certain Age" series


Still fabulous at fifty and fearless in fashion, I would describe her as a grown up" FANCY NANCY." I sat down and asked her a few questions about her style... I was pretty surprised at some of her answers.

Aundrea learned early about accessorizing when she and her best friend Marci showed up in the same purple dress. Marci's mother had added a petticoat and a few embellishments. Aundrea was mesmerized. Never one to be jealous she simply took a page from her book. By her own admission she is all about the ACCESSORIES!

I was surprised to learn that Aundrea's closet is full of neutrals. When I took a serious look she was quite right. Within that palette there is lots of lace and ruffles and texture... things that make her wardrobe stand out. I photographed her in a cream eyelet dress with a ruffled bottom. She lifted the skirt and revealed a slip extension with more ruffles. Its a perfect way to add a little length. Her soft pink satin shirt and cardigan gave it a pop of color and multiple strand of pearls and gold chains added "bling."  Her large cameo necklace was a classy touch.

Living in a cold climate, Aundrea makes sure her coats are stylish. This beautiful jacquard is the perfect addition to her outfit. Where did she buy it? ... WALMART!  I was shocked! I'm going to have to take a second look next time I'm there.
She loves her costume jewelry. I laughed when she exposed the back of her bedroom door. Yep, she's all about the accessories. Here's another interesting fact about her style... SHE LIKES CHANGE. She does not want the perfect black coat that will last for twenty years. She wants pieces that are stylish and not so expensive that she can't move on to something new.  Careful with her purchases, she finds TARGET a great source for clothing and FOREVER 21... a "go to" for bling.

Aundrea admits she dresses like she decorates.  Her house is a showpiece.  Here is her delightful craft room.

Jayson, her lucky hubby, is a retired air force pilot and consequently their family, which includes four beautiful daughters, has lived all over the world. From multiple states in the US to Korea and England overseas, she made it a point to unpack everything and put down roots.  She created a HOME wherever they lived.

Now settled in Utah for the past ten years, she has two married daughters, a college student, a junior in high school and, to her delight, her first grandchild. Her one REGRET... not finishing college.  Maybe that will be yours in Chapter Two!  She's BEAUTIFUL inside and out and the first in our series... "WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE"

Join us Thursday for one of Aundrea's favorite recipes and how she and her girls take the "red eye" to New York City!